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Deadshot Bar Portland , Guide & Review

If you want to snag an expertly prepared drink, Portland is no short of options. Deadshot is one of the best in the city, preparing drinks that taste unlike what you’ve had before. The owner, Adam Robinson, worked as a bartender for many years, even in Taiwan. He brought back the Asian flavors and mixes when he opened up his bar. Galangal, pandan, and bitter melon are featured in the drinks here. ‘The Crystal Daiquiri’ is one of the clear drinks offered here. The lime juice is put in a centrifuge and comes out clean. The taste of rhum is prominent, and the drink is drier than most. But you will have an experience sipping on it while you chat up those at the bar. The ‘Deadshot Clarified Milk Punch’ mixes cinnamon toast crunch, tea, pandan, and tequila in the background. Yes, it is breakfast cereal in a clear drink. You might want to order another one before you take the last sip.

Thinking outside the box, the bartender mixes are unique and unexpected, which makes you want to come back for more. Reading the menu, you might get confused by the one-word description, but your imagination will run wild. Even the so-called nachos and cornbread are something your palette will thank you for. The bar itself isn’t much, and you might question yourself when you step in but do give the drinks a try; you will thank us later. It is inventive and creative, and bartenders love experimenting on classics by changing an ingredient or technique. 

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