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Welcome to the new golden age. Welcome to Death & Co. It was thought that to drink alcohol was to live a life shadowed by death; that those who drank were keeping company with death. It’s taken them nearly a century to restore flavor to the drink and class to the specialty cocktail. In our time, a night to celebrate life’s simple pleasures with fine wine, exquisitely crafted cocktails, beautifully prepared food, and impeccable sipping spirits is a rare gift. To those who shun the night, Death & Company Bar tips their hat. To those who shine after dusk, they offer a warm embrace.

Opened on New Year’s Eve 2006/07 in Manhattan’s East Village, Death & Co quickly became a cocktail institution, owed greatly to their staff of creative bartenders and incredible servers. It is an intimate seated-only bar, paired this time with a more casual standing-room-only bar. Through this growth, we’ve maintained our commitment to fine products and exceptional experiences, a focus on hospitality, and a deep desire to be a center for our communities. Death & Co continues to receive worldwide recognition as a cocktail industry leader.

The bartenders have great knowledge of what they are serving and can give great food pairing depending on your spirit. Death & Co has great drinks and great bartenders who explain everything if you ask. Classic top-notch creative cocktails, great speakeasy-type experience, stylish interior, friendly bartenders, chic decor, fun atmosphere, late-night menu, very traditional speakeasy vibe awesome staff with excellent and attentive service, great food, amazing mixologists, and great ambiance. One of the best bars in Manhattan, and certainly one to check off the list if you are just visiting. Definitely worth the effort to go here. They know how to make a great experience!!

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