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Del Mar San Francisco, Guide & Review

Del Mar is a tropically inspired bar and lounge location in the heart of the Marina District of San Francisco, CA. The venue’s design features a custom jungle print wallpaper mural by Flavor Paper, hand built swings and swing chairs, a spray painted surf mural by local artist Camera1, a hand sanded 14 ft natural edge walnut slab communal table, and a bar as well as a back bar refaced with special order Shou Sugi Ban Cypress from Delta Millboards in Texas; where each piece of wood was specifically milled, burned and then painted by hand for the project. 

With a full bar, infusion cocktails, slushies, punch bowls, and “The Kong ” (the Punch bowl that dominates all other punch-bowls). Del Mar is sure there will be something for everyone that walks through the doors. When you choose VIP Nightlife to plan a night out; you don’t have to know anything about Del Mar to have the time of your life. With years of experience, their team can take your ideas from an inspiration to a fully executed, one-in-a-lifetime occasion. 

VIP Nightlife will create an event experience for your every need and services groups of all sizes; up to 1000 guests or more.

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