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Deviation Distilling Bar Denver, Guide & Review

Deviation Distilling is a distillery that claims to bring you the best gin and spirits in town. Adding their spin to the gin and spirit process, they claim to give you something unique that you have not tasted before. The inspiration is the traditional process, but the artisans are given creative liberty to mix what they like. Once a firehouse, this place has been transformed into an intimate cocktail lounge perfect for events and to stop by after work. Located between restaurants, retail outlets, and hotels, it is a destination for all those who come to the area. A buzz of activities going on around attracts a good crowd. A stunning display of bottle lights welcomes and guides you inside. There are two sitting levels. One is a patio with an indoor bar area. The upper level is more private, with tables and dim lighting to set the mood. They use a lot of fresh fruits and herbs in their cocktails, designed very beautifully with fresh orange and grapefruit slices complementing the drinks. This place will convert you into a gin fan, from bright gins to chai and coffee-flavored whiskeys.


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