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Devil’s Reef is an excellent place for a different atmosphere for a fun night. Out with your friends and even some family members for the vibe. I wouldn’t say first-date vibes because it is pretty dark inside and can be a bit loud at total capacity. Make reservations for sure. Devil’s Reef, from the proprietors of adjacent Tacoma Cabana, Jason Alexander, and Robyn Murphy, is a fully-themed tiki bar in Tacoma’s Triangle/St. Helen’s district. Tacoma Cabana was well-received, and Devil’s Reef is the next-generation extension, allowing Alexander and Murphy to dig even more deeply into their abilities in creating a terrific setting for drinking superb tropical cocktails. There is an extensive rum range and a tropical cocktail menu available. The décor explores the darker side of tiki, merging the couple’s love of Polynesian Pop with H.P. Lovecraft. 

Devil’s Reef first opened its doors on January 19, 2018. Tacoma Cabana was closed in September of that year, allowing Alexander and Murphy to concentrate their energies entirely on Devil’s Reef. But if you want a date night with a partner and don’t mind being in a dark environment like that, then go for date night. The drinks are mostly rum (specialty drinks). However, they have a small selection of other alcoholic beverages and can make something you enjoy. Check out this place for a great environment with a fun pirate-theme vibe to get the conversation going. From our first time here, we were met with such hospitality – even Jason took us upstairs and accommodated our party on a busy night. 

He gave us the best first experience here and even let us browse one of his cocktail books (that we’ve since purchased, and he signed it!). Since then, we’ve come back many times, and each visit to Devil’s Reef has blown us away with delicious drinks and tasty food. Jason & his crew are sure to make every visit feel special and a place you want to take everyone who comes into town! We’re sure to spend many, many more nights here. The ambiance is fantastic. The drinks are stiff and clever, with some delicious, unique flavors. There is also a sophisticated dog keeping an eye on things. The ambiance of this place was incredible! Friends called it a tiki bar, but I got a pirate ship vibe instead. So, this is one of the best bars Tacoma has to offer you!

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