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At Dewey’s Corner Pub, Central El Paso Nightlife comes to a fun level with the blend of the bar by day and energetic nightlife by night. Having seen San Jacinto Plaza, it’s time to have a rest at this bar. Dewey’s Corner Pub offers you to try perfectly cooked kare-kare. A lot of visitors order a delicious beer. The welcoming ambiance of this venue allows customers to unwind and enjoy themselves. This location is suggested for qualified personnel. These restaurant owners are concerned about providing excellent service. Prices at this bar are worth attention because they’re good. The designer created a cute decor. Dewey’s, you’re super cool. Different from the other bars next door, but you compliment the strip very well. 

If you’re thinking about checking this place out, I implore you to follow our lead and do a bar crawl starting at 1/8 and ending at Dewey’s so you can get some eats in before. So we checked out Dewey’s last, and walking in was a good idea since they take the pub in a very literal sense and don’t appear to have any food (I’m okay with this). As all the bars on this block are, Dewey’s is pretty small, but it’s pretty long so that you could fit a lot of bodies in here. They had The Red Headed Sluts on special, so we did a few rounds of that. If you’ve never had one, they’re lovely. VERY. Their specials change from day to day so check the chalkboard. When we first got there, they played a lot of 5-10-year-old pop, but around 10 o’clock, they had a DJ. 

I liked the music they were playing before (not to say the DJ wasn’t playing good music), so if I had to guess, it’s probably less of a chill vibe and more of a dance place on the weekends. The most significant appeal to me was the bartender’s show. These guys flip bottles like nobody’s business. They even had a few choreographed tricks. They’re crowd pleasers and very friendly. Even the manager is fun and isn’t afraid to get out there and dance. Dewey’s Corner Pub, located adjacent to Coconuts, is one of El Paso‘s most famous watering establishments. Come for open mic night to hear the most incredible new comics in the border region. The bartenders and customers are as polite and welcoming as in any other restaurant in this lovely city. 

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