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Diamond Casino is a friendly neighbourhood casino with all the excitement of an enormous casino but with the intimacy of old friends. Diamond Casino offers 268 up-to-date slots and video poker games in a casual, friendly and entertaining environment. Try one of four table games, including single-deck blackjack with the royal match. Drink your favourite beach bar cocktails at the tropical bar, play games or enjoy a cold beer at the sports bar. The 24-hour casino diner has a double cheeseburger. Try a delicious 16-ounce white chocolate caramel or French vanilla cappuccino for only $ 2.50. We offer daily specials ranging from $ 2.99 to $ 4.95. Some of the best deals in Reno can be found here at Casino Diner. Get even more thrilled to see your favourite sporting events at the CalNeva Sportsbook at Diamond Casino. This may be your best bet in Reno with all the latest odds and lots of coverage! A $ 2 table is waiting. Diamond casinos always have a blackjack table for at least $ 2. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The more you play, the bigger the reward! Club membership includes participation in all Gem promotions, earning points, redeeming points for free play, bonus mailing, etc. The casino has 262 slot machines, including nostalgic nickel and quarter coin machines, video reels, video poker and multi-game slots. It also includes the national progressives of MegaBucks and Quarter Mania. Unfortunately, their table game is temporarily closed due to Covid 19. They apologise for any inconvenience. If you would like to be notified by email when resuming, please send a message from the contact page. Follow the website for the casino for regular updates. They are expected to open the table games soon. So, if you are in Reno and are looking for a quality casino to visit for fun and exhilaration, then Diamond’s Casino is our pick.

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Diamond’s Casino has regular promotions throughout the year. Some notable ones are mentioned on the website: http://www.diamondscasinoreno.com/promotions/

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Diamond’s Casino does not have any Promo codes available right now, so make sure you stay updated regarding the promotions. 

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This casino does not have any secret codes available right now, but we would recommend you to keep an eye open for the promotions it has to offer. 

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