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Differ Inc Chiang Mai, Guide & Review

On your night out you cannot afford to miss Differ Inc Chiang Mai for your memorable nightlife. Differ Inc Chiang Mai is a nightclub in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here you will find live bands, DJ music & cocktails offered in a neon-lit, industrial setting with an energetic vibe.

Differ Inc Chiang, an entertainment venue, is full of youngsters and is suitable for parties.  The entrance fee is economical and the mixer can be exchanged for free all night without having to pay anything extra. Best place in Chiang mai to stick, drink and listen to music. The music style is a new style suitable for teenagers. 

Really cool place, there’s a Spider-Man statue with lasers shooting out of his crotch. In fact, there’s lasers shooting from all over the place! There is a band playing at the start of the night and then after midnight the DJ kicks in. A magnificent parking lot next to the boxing stadium. Differ Inc Chiang Mai is open 7 days a week from 6pm to 2am.

Differ is a liquor store that brings Chiang Mai’s old and young people together at night. Ready to serve you with ice cold drinks as if just distilled from heaven. Enjoy the fun with live music from the band on stage, alternating with the most intense EDM songs from the DJs. That’s not enough! Various mixers, whether it’s soda, water, coke, ice, you can walk to pick it up yourself at the bar, unlimited or what we call buffet You see, it’s worth more than it’s worth! Let’s say that if anyone wants to listen to fun music while drinking and traveling at an affordable price this is the place to be.  Check Differ Inc Chiang Mai Club official Facebook page for the unfolding events:


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