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Dizzy’s San Diego, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great Jazz Bar in San Diego? Dizzy’s Bar is the place to be! It is spare, inexpensive and comfortable. Instead of talking, patrons listen. And if it’s on the idealistic fumes of his youth, Chuck Perrin doesn’t care. Dizzy’s, the performance space he has operated since April of 2000, has refocused San Diego’s sputtering jazz scene and is fast becoming a destination for original performance of all kinds. Dizzy’s restful ambiance counters the hustle of the Gaslamp that rages a few blocks away. 

Perrin has factored out video screens, neon, and other distractions common to local music venues, creating an atmosphere as friendly to the audience as it’s to the performer. People come into Dizzy’s because it’s not like anyplace else. Jazz is a state of mind, rather than a specific type of music. A jazz musician is someone who lives and creates in the moment. Dizzy’s is the way of expressing that in a more ostentatious way. 

This venue focuses on the performances, yet also has fine wine selections and a little bit of food though you might be better off filling up at a nearby PB restaurant. Guests love Dizzy’s for this very quality. There are jazz jams on Friday nights after midnight, and music and performance art shows other days of the week. What a simple venue with a stage and folding chairs set up. It’s a concert setting, but relaxed and comfortable. Great atmosphere, ample & secure packing, and moderately priced. 

Here it’s just Jazz, Jazz, and more Jazz. The finest of San Diego’s Jazz musicians play here in the quiet hideaway on Morena Boulevard. Definitely it’s a great place to check out for an amazing experience. Highly recommended!

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