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Dogwood Tavern Bar Arlington , Guide & Review

This is a vintage bar of sorts; hence you will notice this place’s old-school mannerisms, design language, and aesthetics. They are proud of Arlington‘s history and promote it as much as possible. The food here is excellent, and so are the drinks. The specialty cocktails are must try. The service at this bar is fantastic, and the bartenders are very skilled, so you can talk to them and have them personalize your cocktail.
These cocktails are made from some of the best spirits, both sourced locally and imported. The cocktails are made with attention to detail, which means the bartenders take care of which cocktail should be served in which glass, the type and shape of ice to use, and whether it should be mixed or shaken. We are telling you that you are in expert hands at Dogwood Tavern.
The food is another plus point of this bar; it is excellent, to say the least! The chef knows how to create heartily and filling American food. The tavern bites are the starters you can pair with your drink while being on the move or short on time, and they make for a good meal. Apart from this, the main entrees will not disappoint you either – we recommend you try their Cajun Pasta. Several variations of burgers, sandwiches, and wraps are offered here as well, so do not shy away from trying new things from their menu.
The menu also includes specialty cocktails, priced at around $11; some of them are Berry the Lede, Waterloo, Cool Rummings, I love Lucy, Hart of Gold, and Passion of sweetness, among others. Some of the classics include Dogwood Negroni and Moscow Mule. Dogwood Tavern also has a wide variety of draft beers, apart from a tasteful selection of red, white, and sparkling Wine.

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