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Donovan’s Pub New York, Guide & Review

Woodside’s Landmark Gathering Place. Since 1966, the spot is renowned for warm welcomes, good food, and fair prices that have made Donovan’s Pub the gathering place for everything from a quick drink to large family gatherings celebrating life. 

The cozy Pub offered a warm welcome, properly Poured pints of Guinness, and a hot meal in the welcoming room with a fireplace. No wonder it reminded the locals of similar pubs back home in Ireland. As the business grew the size of the staff grew with it. Donovan’s has employed hundreds of people as managers, bartenders, waitresses, busboys, kitchen staff, and cleaners. Many of the staff grew up in the neighborhood, went to local schools, and held jobs in the Pub from high school through college and beyond. There was always a sense of family in the restaurant. The Pub grew quickly over the years expanding to its current 4 dining rooms that accommodate parties of all sizes. 

The restaurant quickly became a neighborhood favorite, especially in the eyes of the local Irish Americans. It was the go-to place for a traditional Irish meal of meat and potatoes, and the affordable prices didn’t hurt either. A deep-rooted loyalty was established among the locals. The spot also features authentic and delicious food, friendly staff with amazing and attentive service, an awesome crowd, and comfy seatings. 

The Pub gained significant notoriety for its’ signature burgers even being named by Time Out New York, The New York Post, The Daily News, and others as the best burger in New York City! Over the years despite the fickleness of NYC eaters, it is always listed as one of the best burgers in New York. The menu has expanded as well to include a great wine list, excellent Chicken Francaise, Broiled Scallops, and, of course, Shepherd’s Pie to name just a few. Ask any of the longtime customers and you’ll get a wide variety of suggestions of their favorites ordered regularly, in some cases, over the last 50 years!

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