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Double Barrel Grill Daytona Beach, Guide & Review

Surprisingly nice bar and grill inside the gun range. Volusia Top Gun caters to those who want to learn more about how to buy and use their firearms but they also want to be part of your community. That’s why they have a local restaurant in their facilities where everyone can gather together to share a meal, order a drink, or just root for their favorite team. Double Barrel Grill is a restaurant and bar that offers far more than just a delicious lunch and dinner. 

Their restaurant is open to all! They welcome families, workers on their lunch break, and of course, all of the members and visitors who have gone to Volusia Top Gun to test their gun expertise. Their selection of starters, burgers, fresh fish, entrees, and salads cater to anyone’s tastes, and their quality ingredients will please even the pickiest of eaters. Fill up on cheese fries with bacon, try their full veggie jacket pizza, or feast on their fresh catch of the day. Top it all off with their dessert of the day. 

Double Barrel Grill is modeled after the whiskey distilleries of yore. This classic atmosphere is made to remind you that family and friends are always the most important things in your life, not the latest video games or newest phones. This is a chance to pursue a wide selection of whiskeys, or try their American Born Moonshine. They also have custom drinks that are incredible as the food, and you’re certain to find your favorite amidst a pack of choices. It’s a great spot to go after a particularly grueling day at work, to watch the game or enjoy a live band on a Saturday night. With bartenders that are fast and friendly, you’ll always feel welcome and valued when you’re there. 

Double Barrel Grill features delicious food; top notch food; great live bands; great relaxed atmosphere; delicious cocktails; decent prices & good size portions; great happy hour; a nice patio area; strong & tasty drinks; and friendly, attentive and accommodating staff. This place is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience.

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