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Dr. Funk is decorated with palm leaves, blowfish, tiki, and travel cases. Funk makes you imagine being by the sea in seconds. In addition to drinks like Siren’s Song and Fog Cutter, you’re half expecting pirates to plunge into the room. Are you interested in the name? The patron saint of Bar was a cheeky doctor of the 18th century who practiced medicine and mixology in the South Pacific, married a pirate daughter, and made friends with the author of Treasure Island. Interesting fact: If San Jose’s latest Tiki bar reminds us of San Francisco’s legendary Smuggler’s Cove, they share the same designer. Dr funk has  South Pacific elixirs, world-class liquors, and special potions. Merchants Vic and Don Beach invented the Tiki motif in a California restaurant in the 1930s. This has fascinated generations for almost a century. Our eclectic decoration is also influenced by Trader Vic’s and Don Beach. Both TraderVic and Donn Beach sought not to create a fantasy world tied to a single place. However, incorporating and accepting elements from the Caribbean,  South Pacific, China, Singapore, etc., it includes the concept of escapism! They created an exciting, interesting, and engaging background that they would like to pay homage to. They invite you to the doctor. A radio that you can escape to. There is some outdoor seating available at the scene. We can safely say that the main vibe of this bar is Hipster and Casual. You can expect a moderate noise level at this place. Dressing casually is perfectly alright to visit this bar. It is a great place for groups to visit and have fun. There is a garage parking present. So, you will not have to worry about trying to find a place to park. The best nights at this full-fledged bar are on Thursday.

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