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Dragonfly Jakarta, Guide & Review

Looking for a Prominent nightclub with cutting-edge music, a glamorous interior & crafted cocktails, dragonfly is the place to be.This is the most elite club in Jakarta. Following the guidelines of its creativity you will be looking for elegance and warmth at the same time technology, where the club has developed a kinetic system, lamps made to measure. Besides this it has installed kinetic sculpture of Clay Paky moving heads Mythos model, Ayrton Panel Magic and more than 700 meters of LED strips in light panels have a pattern tailored specially designed for this club by a team of designers Jakarta.

Even 15 years after it’s opening Dragonfly is still one of the top nightclubs in Jakarta. It is also one of the most exclusive, with a very strict door-policy: No torn jeans, no shorts, no t-shirt, no flat shoes for ladies, and you must be over 21 to enter.

The design of the club is really impressive. That said, the space for dancing is not quite limited for you. It is really recommended to book a table or a sofa when clubbing in Dragonfly. And if you don’t, you can’t have an average experience because of being crushed on the dancefloor, with barely any space to move around. Here drinks are not difficult to get since the bartenders at this don’t focus on specific people, here all are treated equally.

The crowd in Dragonfly is almost always trendy and fashionable, with plenty of handsome guys and sexy girls. It is not rare to see famous actors/actresses, models or celebrities. Here the crowd is quite moving for fun enjoyment in a nightclub.

Finally, this should be your destination when looking for fun in a nightclub.visit  dragonfly and have your own experience. Check Dragonfly nightclub official Facebook page for the unfolding events:


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