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Drastic Measures Kansas City, Guide & Review

Drastic Measures is a great cocktail bar in Kansas City. By far Drastic Measures is the best cocktail bar in the city and they’re very active in supporting the local community. It’s a really intimate speakeasy outside of downtown that serves really balanced drinks. This bar offers so much in the area. It feels cute and classy but still comfortable and welcoming. This is an amazing establishment with top notch conversation and craft cocktails. Great addition to the suburbs in Shawnee. Drastic Measures is a speakeasy, so there may be wait to get in, but it’s worth it. 

Drastic Measures operates Tuesday & Thursday from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am, and Friday & Saturday 4:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Drastic Measures features great atmosphere; delicious handcrafted cocktails; great speakeasy vibe; unique tasty & strong drinks; comfy seatings; friend people – everyone is friendly & accommodating; great sound system; state-of-the-art lighting system; very chill atmosphere; incredibly knowledgeable and helpful bartenders; chic decor; down-to-earth staff; perfect cozy ambiance; an owner who really loves and cares for his creations; special events that are blast; and excellent service. The menu is consistently fantastic, with a wide range of options. 

What a good speak-easy vibe with the best Manhattan in the KC area, creative cocktails that are an art. Always pleasant surprises every time. Diamond in the rough type place. Check it out. Drastic Measures is a great place to meet with friends. Support this place, it fills a void left behind by Manifesto and it’s definitely a rarity to find a place like this in Kansas City to enjoy creative delicious cocktails. Highly recommended checking out Drastic Measures for amazingly delicious cocktails.

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