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Drayton Hotel Rooftop Bar Savannah , Guide & Review

Located in the center of Savannah’s Historic District, the Drayton Hotel re-establishes one of Savannah’s oldest buildings, dating back to the 1890s. And it does this, including a fantastic roof bar. Sitting on top of the Hotel, the terrace offers an unmistakable panoramic view of City Hall and the Savannah River. Equipped with modern and stylish bistro-style furniture and umbrellas, this is one of the city’s newest and most popular cocktails for an afternoon or an excellent evening drink while complimenting.

Posh Hotel is a beautiful 1800s apartment with a seafood restaurant, bar, and roof terrace.

Located on top of the Drayton hotel and simply named Rooftop, the balcony offers an unobstructed panoramic view of City Hall and the Savannah sky. Best Place in the House: When the Savannah climate is in perfect shape, snatching the living room set in the northeast corner is undoubtedly the best seat – with an unmistakable view of the City Hall’s golden dome and the best people-watching in every space. The best time to visit the bar would be Any day, during golden hour. They have the same amount of indoor and outdoor space, so regardless of the season or the weather, the golden hour is pure magic.


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