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Drunken Oyster Bar Amarillo , Guide & Review

The Drunken Oyster is a concept inspired by the French Quarters of New Orleans. Amarillo has a lack of seafood places where you can eat fresh shellfish. The place transports you to another world where you see drapes of curtains, chandeliers, gas lanterns, aged bricks, and a library-laddered bar. The place is a big hall with tables scattered all around, so there’s ample room to sit. The shelves behind the bar are illuminated, and the reflections of the bottles add more sparkle to the room. The walls are painted lilac and mirrors, and T.V.s adorn the walls. The wooden furniture compliments the lights and the shiny surfaces around the space.
The menu is Cajun-inspired, and fresh ingredients and produce are dropped daily. They have their famous age-certified Angus beef cuts. The menu starts with Nawlins-inspired entrees. These include ‘Blackened Catfish,’ ‘Shrimp and Grits,’ and ‘Cajun Alfredo’ amongst others. The all-time famous Cajun boil includes seafood like fish, shrimp, clams, calamari, oysters, and lobsters. You can choose what spice level you want and add on sides. Then there are the entrees, starters, burgers, oysters, and greens. So there’s always something for each one of you.
The place opens up every day from morning to nighttime. Their brunch is a hit, and there’s even a separate menu here with unique brunch-only dishes in it. With over 300 different liquor options, their mixologists have come up with fun combinations for you to try. The absinthe section includes ‘Mati Hara,’ ‘Saint George,’ ‘Lucid,’ and more. The latter is described as the first absinthe to become legal in the U.S. It is distilled from spirits and whole European herbs and has no chemicals or additive
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