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Duff’s Brooklyn New Jersey, Guide & Review

Duff’s Brooklyn is a great dive bar in New Jersey. South Williamsburg heavy-metal bar, with horror memorabilia & a unique jukebox. Duff’s Brooklyn is a heavy metal bar located in Williamsburg Brooklyn (168 Marcy Avenue, between South 5th and Broadway). Duff’s initially opened as “Bellevue Bar” in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan in 1999, before moving to Brooklyn in 2004 with a name change to Duff’s Brooklyn in 2004 with a name change to Duff’s Brooklyn. 

The original Brooklyn location was at 28 North 3rd Street, where the bar resided from December 2004 to December 2008. Due to the rapid gentrification of the area, the bar was forced to relocate in December 2008. The bar reopened in December 2008 on Williamsburg’s gritty South Side (168 Marcy Avenue), in a space four times larger than the original bar. Duff’s is frequented by Tri-State met heads and rock n’ rollers, and is a stop off for many heavy metal bands passing through New York City on tours. 

Duff’s Brooklyn features amazingly great owner – always runs into to familiar faces and make new friends here; great relaxed atmosphere; out of this world music; very cool decor; amazingly decent prices; great lighting system – the lighting is all red and fits the room so well; great music; friendly and attentive staff who are very accommodating; great crowd – clientele talks rock and roll but is generally welcoming to strangers; great selection of beers; and great jukebox with very selection of music. 

Highly recommended checking out for an amazing and unforgettable experience in New Jersey

There’s a massive collection of signed drum heads from all of the metal greats, legends, and current rockers. Photos and backstage passes are all over the walls.

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