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Duo is a modern, 2-story venue featuring immersive dinners & brunches & a basement nightclub with cocktails. Duo is the newest addition to Camden’s thriving music scene. This boutique venue is spread across two floors. It features a stunning upstairs bar and restaurant that hosts an exciting lineup of creative events such as extravagant party brunches and immersive dinners. Venture downstairs to the basement nightclub for the best nightlife, themed events, and one-off specials. Duo believes everything is better in pairs, so anticipate a wide range of foods ranging from steak to seafood and a selection of unique prosecco-based drinks to delight and captivate your senses. Duo is a must-see for artistically inclined individuals who always look for those perfect Instagrammable moments. 

If it’s an instant-worthy interior you’re after, this Camden spot ticks all the boxes, whether it be for a date night, birthday party, or friendly gathering. Monochrome prints? Check. Cool decor? Check. Pizza cones that double up as mouth-watering food porn? Check. Duo is new to Camden’s bustling and vibrant scene. This boutique venue has two levels and a gorgeous upper bar with DUO specialty drinks on one side and candy crush cocktails on the other. Our extensive Mexican cuisine has something for everyone, making it ideal for sharing and caring. Our private Camden nightclub offers a sophisticated party experience for a sophisticated clientele. Offering a variety of innovative events such as spectacular party brunches and afternoon tea, head below to the underground nightclub for the most incredible nightlife, themed parties, and one-time specials. 

Duo believes that everything is better in pairs, so anticipate a broad range of creative Candy drinks to delight and seduce all of your senses and photo opportunities around every corner. Their facility is filled with soothing baby blues, dramatic custom murals, electric neon signs, and strong stripes – all of which have been thoughtfully put together, with every component of this venue painstakingly crafted to present guests with a multi-sensory experience. This, indeed, was bottomless. Our drinks were never empty and were regularly refilled. The first round of pancakes we had was chilly, but the second and third batches were much better – we just had three each because we weren’t hungry. Michela, who we later discovered was on a trial shift, was attentive, amusing, and friendly. The music was fantastic, as was the ambiance, and the drinks we bought on the side were exquisitely prepared (although so sweet).

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