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Dutch Courage is a refined gin-focused bar whipping up creative cocktails, tapas, sharing plates & sandwiches. This luxury row house bar, opened by two former B&O American Brasserie bartenders, is a gin lover’s dream. Though there is a complete bar, the juniper-laced spirit is the star of the show, with over 100 kinds and a stunning cocktail book to convert any skeptic. DC currently serves as a bottle shop, sells to-go drinks, and seats people both within and on an oversized and tented patio out back, pivoting in the winter (the bar just opened in December, after all). Don’t overlook the cuisine, which includes smoked BBQ every Sunday. 

Dutch Courage is a gin-centric cocktail bar in Baltimore‘s historic Old Goucher district. Whether you want an adventurous drink or a refreshing lager, our crew has you covered. There is always something new to explore and help you uncover your bravery with over 100 bottles of Gin, Jenever, Old Tom, and Barreled Gin. Their menu is constantly changing and includes traditional and modern cocktails, beer, wine, and creative and diversified cuisine options. All that matters here are the drinks—hot or cold, classic or cutting edge, powerful or knock-you-on-your-ass strong. Dutch Courage, on the other hand, is not arrogant or stuffy. During the Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century, the British and Dutch conflicted governmental, religious, and commercial boundaries. 

On the other hand, the British grew fond of the British spirit Jenever (juniper). The British would imbibe excessive doses of the enlightened spirit to boost confidence before combat. As a result, Dutch Courage. It’s also known as liquid bravery. Visit Dutch Bravery; we’ll help you find your Courage and start your trip! Brendan developed an interest in cocktails while attending the Peabody Institute (where he studied opera as a classical tenor). He worked as a bartender at the late but much-loved Ixia, Baltimore’s most forward-thinking cocktail bar. The other owner is Eric. The stakes are bigger than ever when he opens Dutch Courage, his first bar. But he understands the formula: wonderful people, amazing music, and excellent beverages. So, this is one of the best bars Baltimore has to offer.

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