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Edge Rooftop Bar Tampa, Guide & Review

The edge rooftop bar is one of those places for Instagram influencers who want to add a little color and light to their lives. The rooftop bar focuses a lot on décor, and the artwork here attracts Instagram celebrities and influencers from all over Tampa. Edge Rooftop bar and restaurant are located on top of the Epicurean Hotel, which means that this bar is attached to one of the best hotels in the city. Many places in Tampa serve cocktails, but only some try to make it unique by using carefully sourced ingredients, like spices and herbs from different areas, to make the experience a lot more exquisite for you. A lot of thought goes into making these cocktails served at the Edge Cocktail Bar.
Moreover, this bar also served some of the best wines you can find in Tampa. They are hand chosen for the patrons, and the wine list is quite diverse. They are catering to the ongoing trends in Tampa about wine. Microbreweries and in-house breweries have recently been trendy in the city, so this bar offers fine quality beer through microbreweries. This bar operates five days a week so that you can plan your evening. The cocktails start from around $11, while the wines start from around a couple of dollars and go up to a hundred dollars for the best ones.
Moreover, the small plates are what this bar is famous for, and you should try their shrimp cocktail and Dahl. You can also do that if you want to reserve this bar for a private party. The staff will design the décor according to your preferences, along with a custom menu that would make for a splendid evening. This rooftop bar is one of the best in Tampa!

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