EDM Clubs in Jakarta

You’re looking for the absolute best clubbing options in Jakarta if yo uwant to dance to EDM…

So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best EDM clubs in Jakarta. (More in-depth further below)

If you are an electronic music lover and you’re looking for the best nightlife in Indonesia, then the best place to find it is Jakarta. If you like clubs and dancing to EDM music vibes, this city has it all, it’s a matter of checking out the best EDM music clubs in the city so that you can enjoy your night to the fullest. 

EDM music clubs in Jakarta exhibit breathtaking electronic music, very cheap and massive selection of legit drinks and cocktails, top notch live shows and bands, great and super professional dancers, and tasty and inexpensive food good that’s freshly served, a big range of delicious cocktails, comfortable seatings, amazing and fun filled dancing on a spacious and stylish dance floors, mixed and friendly crowd, often there’s live music with bands, very cozy, fantastic and relaxed club  immersive atmosphere, good facilities, beautiful girls and elegant costumes, very courteous and smiling staff with amazing service, and state of art sound and lighting systems. What more could you ask for?

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1. Equinox X2 Club Jakarta

Looking for the biggest, the most luxurious club in Jakarta, Equinox is the place to be. Occupying the spacious ex-cinema area of Plaza Senayan Jakarta, extending over 2 floors, X2 has 4 clubs for each genre.  X2 will cater to a mixed high end crowd and have a full service bar. X2 Club offers a sophisticated warm ambience and state of the art sound merge to form a stylish entertainment atmosphere. X2 Club plays host to the finest International and local DJs playing progressive and trance music, live musicians and entertainment nightly and spotlights an ever-evolving roster of up and coming artists.

2. Fable Jakarta

In search of that perfect club to spend your night then Fable is the place to be. Perfectly located in the center of the city and with an underground vibe, Fable is one of the most famous nightclubs in Jakarta. The place is quite large, with several intimate spaces to sit down and a rather mid-size dancefloor. On the ceiling, you have large glass panels that allow you to see the sky as well as some skyscrapers.

3. Colosseum Jakarta

Nowhere to go tonight? What about going to the Colosseum Club tonight? You must know what the Colosseum has offered you. Colosseum Club Jakarta is one of our favourite clubbing experiences in West Jakarta. This massive venue holds regular all-nighters in its grand 1,000sqm arena, which can house up to 2,000 clubbers in a single party. Get ready to be awed by its kinetic three-dimensional chandelier hanging from the hall’s 16m-high ceiling. This massive solid-state LED fixture designed by a professional Spanish lighting company brilliantly comes to life, pulsating with colours and patterns to DJs’ rhythmic beats.

In Conclusion

Good spots to have an amazing night out with your friends. Definitely, Jakarta is home to the hottest EDM music clubs where you can have unforgettable experiences clubbing like never before.

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