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Edmund’s Oast is a favorite mingling spot for locals with a highly rated beer list. Do you want a beer? Edmund’s Oast produces beer and showcases other offerings from outstanding producers. So there are more than 35 possibilities available. Are you more interested in wine? Then there are plenty of alternatives that complement the cuisine, with a focus on whites, rosé, and sparkling wines, and most cost $12 to $15 by the glass. Do you want a drink? Then, thanks to Jayce McConnell, you may experience one of the city’s most innovative programs. Outside, there’s a sizable concrete gathering space with picnic tables for casual beer drinkers, an outdoor bar connected to a covered beer hall “bower,” or a dining area with long, family-style tables. 

When you enter the main restaurant, the word “hall” still applies: wide with high exposed beams, high-backed leather seats, a bar running the length of the area, and an open kitchen buzzing with many cooks and servers. EO guests are a colorful bunch, consisting of industry types, the well-heeled adventurous dining set, and others who prefer to linger over drinks and choose their courses rather than follow a traditional dinner flow. Executive Chef Bob Cook has grown into his role, introducing a variety of Asian cuisines to the seasonal menu. Guests frequently socialize at the chef’s station or family-style tables, so those looking for a quieter night or a simple supper tuck into the large and comfy booths around the dining room’s perimeter. 

They can accommodate a fast supper; if you want to make an evening of it, there’s no rush, and the pace is ideal. Because of their focus on safety in 2020, this restaurant attracted a whole new set of dedicated customers. Therefore reservations are now more critical than ever. Still, service is courteous when you come, and if you want to hear them ring a bell, buy them some beer. Service is kind and family, yet highly knowledgeable about all food elements. This is a festive venue because of its indoor and outdoor settings, casual courses, and plentiful drinks. The area welcomes and fosters connection, so it’s not a place for a “quiet table in the corner.”

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