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There are 262 beers on tap. That is not a mistake. El Bait Shop now has the most craft beer assortment west of the Mississippi. It’s a beautiful place to grab a beer before heading to Principal Park for a Chicago Cubs game. Or go next door to the adjoining Miller High Life Lounge, where the beer is more traditional, as are the comfort foods such as bacon-wrapped tater tots and pizza burgers (also available at El Bait). Confluence Gray’s Lake Nessie Scottish Ale is a must-try. I don’t know why we’ve never reviewed the El Bait Shop, but when you frequent an establishment, you forget. El Bait shop has the most extensive beer selection on tap in town, and they also serve up a full-size menu to go with your beer. 

The menu is shared by El Bait Shop and the High Life Lounge next door. Therefore you may find unusual/old American dishes like the Liver and Onion (my personal guilty pleasure, gross, I know). Otherwise, foods like the Bacon Wrapped Tots and the Broasted Chicken from the Man vs. Food episode are well worth a try. Service is amiable like they become your friend’s level of friendliness. If you’re not from the Midwest, it might be uncomfortable. There is a small parking lot on site. However, parking might be challenging to find during the summer months when the outside terrace is open. What an amazing find! El Bait Shop is edgy and honest, serving fantastic meals and extraordinary beverages. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to help you navigate the HUGE beer list! The fish tacos are to die for. 

The atmosphere is a little divvy, has a lot of chills, and is so fun. If you can’t find a beer you love, you don’t love beer! This place rocks! Great atmosphere and excellent service! I loved the bacon-wrapped Lil smokies for an appetizer! The chili was mighty tasty as well. Chicken salad. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should! Holy tappers! An incredible amount of beers on tap. I wish I had more time to experiment on the rails! The server was superb and did not disappoint when recommending beers. Such an excellent spot and would take people back here. An absolute Des Moines iconic spot! I loved this place. Fantastic beer selection, great staff, super friendly patrons. The food was perfect. 

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