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El Luchador Bar San Antonio, Guide & Review

El Luchador Bar is a vibrant bar with a Lucha theme serving playful cocktails and hosting weekend DJs and dancing. This very much a dive bar that has open arms to everyone. As the name suggests, El Luchador Bar is a tribute to Lucha Libre, – Mexican wrestling to the uninitiated. The bar on Southtown’s southern edge, opened in mid-July 2017 after much hype. It’s a vibrant scene, managing to create a vibe that’s cool and contemporary but also authentic and real, San Antonio in its soul. Located in the Roosevelt neighborhood. 

El Luchador Bar features amazing drink specials shots, margaritas, mixed drinks, and beer, delicious cocktails, Mexican wrestling vibe, hip atmosphere, amazingly delicious food, great entertaining music, andfun people. The lighting, the artwork – everything from the wall of colorful Lucha masks to the miniature models of wrestling rings – give the bar a distinct atmosphere. Unique and a neat bar. 

What a cutest little luchador bar! Fun place for all ages, this place is Cheers of San Antonio. Definitely recommended! Stop in!

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