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Brewing on an electric bicycle is a brewery experience unlike any other! Once upon a time, the building at 20 East 4th Avenue in Vancouver, BC, housed an electric bicycle factory. Then they came along and decided it would be an excellent location for a brewery! The Most Amazing Electric Bicycle Brewery, not just any brewery! Electric Bicycle Brewing adds a new twist to Vancouver’s craft beer scene by focusing on music and art, which local record shops and artists fuel. Sushi is a new addition to the menu of grilled cheese sandwiches! Sushi Radio is located just above the brewery. It is open Thursday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Electric bicycle brewing provides an ideal blend of delicious beers, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, a great atmosphere, and grooving music. 

Elon Musk wishes to travel to Mars, but they wish to transport you to the far reaches of the beer universe. Your coworkers will lose their inhibitions, your in-laws will fall in love with you, and your boss will finally give you that raise. There are high tops, comfortable booths, extended table seating for larger groups in the tasting room, and a few spots at the bar for you and your future ex-so-and-so. Their lounge serves various foods, including grilled cheese sandwiches and small plates. Purchasing beer to take home: Beer is available in various growler sizes, with plans to add cans in the future. We only visit the breweries when it is convenient for them to have large groups, so tours are subject to availability. Drink IPA if you’re in the Pacific Northwest. 

Most beers on tap at this vibrant, funky brewery are hop-forward. But don’t worry, there’s a wide range of options within that category. Equinox hops add citrus and pine notes to Paddy’s Goodbye brew, while Galaxy hops add pineapple flavor to the Galaxy IPA. However, those afraid of clowns should avoid the wooden characters outside the brewery. After all, setting up offerings like a ramen noodle-infused altbier and a Double-Stuffed Oreo stout takes a certain kind of atmosphere. This is a nostalgic operation filled with bright pink and turquoise. It’s a sensory overload, from the impressive and loud paint job on the exterior to the funhouse mirrors near the bathroom. So, Electric Bicycle Brewery is one of the best bars Vancouver offers you and your loved ones.

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