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The revolutionary design of Elevation 27 caters to musicians’ demand for playing in full rooms in smaller clubs. At the scene, there are full-fledged bars! It is a Live Music Venue featuring National Touring acts: Rock, Country, EDM, Reggae, and more. Elevation 27 is one of the few venues in the country that offers artists and audiences the auditory perfection of a professional recording studio, with a floating stage in front of a vast open floor, a cutting-edge sound system, dramatic curtains, and an acoustically modified interior. Elevation 27 is located in the Hilltop section of Virginia Beach and is 27 feet above sea level. So, it has been named the Best Live Music Venue in the 2020 Veer Music Awards. 

It is the favored location for musicians, actors, and comedians. It includes a recording studio with a floating stage in front of a large open floor that links directly to the audience. It also boasts the most incredible sound system and improved interiors and dramatic curtains to provide the highest quality experience. Elevation 27’s sound excellence is comparable to that of the top American arenas and theaters, giving a pleasurable experience for the performers and their audience. Provides appropriate seating arrangements, including seats, tables, banquettes, and a covered outside terrace for customers to relax and enjoy meals served by their restaurant while watching live acts. 

The menu includes perfectly smoked BBQ, contemporary cuisine, and daily classics. Elevation 27’s seats, tables, banquettes, and covered outside terrace allow customers to chat and watch entertainment while dining at their restaurant. Chef Rusty’s cuisine is elegantly created and may be uniquely adapted for any event. The former home of Steppin’ Out, The Jewish Mother, and Eagle’s Nest is now the ultimate music and entertainment venue. Elevation 27 presents the finest in area performers, traveling exhibitions, interactive gaming contests, and hiring national and international artists and bands. This is one of the best restaurants, bars, and Live Music venues that Virginia Beach has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend you visit this spot at least once! Go with your loved ones, friends, or family!

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