EliteSingles, A Simple Review

If you have experienced the pure joy and exhilaration of falling in love, getting committed, and having a serious relationship, you know how joyous the experience can be. But in real life, we don’t always get happy endings, do we? 

If your severe previous relationship did not work out for some reason, it could be a heart-breaking experience. But, just like you, millions of others have had their hearts broken and are ready to do it all over again. 

Do you feel hopeful that the next time will be different? If yes, then EliteSingles is the dating website for you. Here, you will find other like-minded individuals who know what it’s like to have loved and lost and are ready to try it again. 

Why Should You Choose It?

EliteSingles has explicitly been curated for more mature individuals ready to get serious in their dating game. Many online dating websites offer quick results, which might be a hit or a miss. However, the people you match with may not always be looking for something serious. More often than not, they’re just there to have fun.

If you are looking for someone who understands what it’s like to work a 9-to-5, have a busy life, work schedule, and still try and take out some time for serious dating, then you will find like-minded singles here. 

It is an excellent website for educated professionals interested in the left and right swipes and quick-gratifying encounters offered by other dating websites. It allows you to match with people who match your interests and your career goals and educational values.

What Is Its Unique Selling Point?

EliteSingles promises to find you a match, which is much more than just a weekend fling. Their questionnaire has been designed specifically to get to know you better- in the real sense. More than a random questionnaire asking you about what you like to eat and what your dream destination is, this website provides a kind of psychological test to get into the depths of your personality. 

Moreover, you will need to pay a subscription to use this website. Come to think of it. This is a positive aspect because only those who are serious about finding someone will be willing to pay for it. It will ensure that the riff raffs stay out of your profile and inbox. 

Lastly, I liked the way their user profiles appear to other members. It provides a more detailed bio, rather than just a few pictures and some silly quote someone decides to put up, rather than to provide real information about themselves. 

How Much Does It Cost?

This is one of those online dating websites where you need to pay to use even the most basic features. In a way, that’s good, as it attracts the severe crowds only. 

The breakdown of the subscription are as follows: 

1 year – $31.95/month

6 months – $44.95/month

3 months – $59.95/month

However, it is essential to note that this website offers many deals and membership specials, so keep an eye out for these. 

That being said, I must mention that EliteSingles does offer a Basic Account, which is entirely free to use. But for all intents and purposes, this account doesn’t let you do much, other than looking around and get acquainted with the website. It’s advisable to opt for the Premium account if you’re serious about finding someone. 

Making a Profile 

Ok, so the initial sign up page is straightforward. Choose your gender, and then choose the gender of the person you are looking for. Happy note: it’s LGBTQ inclusive, which is always a plus point in 2020. 

But as soon as you move on to the next page, you’ll be face to face with a lengthy questionnaire that reads more like a psychology test rather than something you’d fill up on a dating website. It was interesting, but you need to have time and patience to be thorough. 

The basic idea is to help you find a match that matches more than just your location, interests and likes and dislikes. Here, they try to match you up with someone as educated, dedicated, and ready to commit as you are. 

Now, the only thing some users are a bit iffy about is the next part – where they ask you to provide your job title, type of degree you hold, and your income bracket. This might seem unfair to some who wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable disclosing this information. But then again, this is the website’s USP. If you’re not satisfied with this aspect, this is probably not the dating website for you. 

Matching With Someone 

Once you are finally done with the 30-minute assessment (which, curiously, is based on the Five-Factor Model theory), the site’s algorithm shows you about seven matches per day. These matches are based on your interests and personality traits and, more importantly, on the educational values and long term goals you both hold. To make things even more transparent, they also show you your compatibility percentage. 

This website handpicks matches for you per day and personally delivers them to your profile. This means you cannot dive into the user database and explore potential love interests, but that’s okay. It saves you hours’ worth of useless scrolling and lets you match with those who can vibe with you. 

That being said, a feature called “Visitor notifications” allows you to see who’s been snooping around your profile. And if you happen to like them back – it’s a match made in heaven! 

Finally, the “Wild Card” feature is an exciting aspect, and while it’s not the best, most reliable feature, it sure is interesting! As you can guess, this feature plops an individual who doesn’t match with your profile and encourages you to keep an open mind and walk out of your comfort zone. Of course, you can ignore the Wild Card if you want to. 


  1. An online dating website catering to serious singles only. 
  2. In-depth personality test which allows you to find better matches. 
  3. Comes at an affordable subscription price.
  4. Straightforward, user-friendly website with easy navigation. 
  5. Great for more mature users who are tired of left and right-swiping.
  6. Detailed, informative users profile. 
  7. It does not allow random users to send messages to you. 
  8. LGBTQ inclusive. 


  1. A basic account is useless, and you need to subscribe to use any features. 
  2. The minimum radius is 50 miles, which honestly, is long-distance.
  3. A lengthy questionnaire which you cannot skip.

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking to get serious and find companionship again, EliteSingles is probably one of the best options for you. Once you get over the lengthy, psychology-test-like questionnaire, you stand a good chance of actually finding someone authentic on this website. 

Like any other dating website, sure, EliteSingles has its flaws. But I don’t think any of them is a deal-breaker. With over 13 million users worldwide, it doesn’t hurt to give this one a go, especially at the affordable subscription they’re offering!

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