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Elsewhere New York, Guide & Review

Elsewhere is a multi-room music venue, nightclub, and arts space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The venue’s focus is underground and unbound music, presented with love. Since 2017, Elsewhere’s three stories of dance floors and stages have been home to expansive sonic offerings for all New Yorkers to explore. They are and will forever remain fiercely independent. The team behind Elsewhere has deep roots in the Brooklyn music community, stretching back to our first venue Glasslands in Williamsburg – an early-2000 first-thought-best-thought experiment in art & partying. Their staff is made up of culture lifers who have formed the fabric of the NYC music community for decades.

Every season at Elsewhere they curate a playlist for you featuring new tracks from the best emerging artists coming elsewhere. They’re open most days for events, and close around midnight Monday through Thursday, 4 am Fridays and Saturdays, and 11 pm on Sundays. However, their hours are not always regular and are subject to change on a per-event basis. Since opening on Halloween in 2017, they’ve hosted thousands of artists, presented over 20,000 hours of live music, and staged over 600 events each year. Elsewhere is a place for uplifting the next generation of artists, and they believe the future of culture knows no genre: here you’ll find rockstars and rappers, metalheads and ravers, vinyl nerds and punks, folk singers, old-school house heads, baile funk crowds, hyper pop producers, and probably everything else.

Elsewhere is intended to be a haven for music, art, expression, and free play – and we need your help to keep it that way. Most importantly, they stand with all those who demand complete freedom from hatred, harassment, and discrimination in our city’s venues and nightclubs. Let’s work together to keep each other safe. Here you’ll find passionate, caring, and dedicated staff. Across three stories of dance floors and stages, their focus is underground and unbound music, presented with love. Elsewhere is a place to discover new artists, meet new friends & lovers, celebrate music, and leave your day behind. The staff puts a ton of effort into making every show as safe and enjoyable for everyone as possible. The space is incredibly versatile – it can be warm and intimate for live shows and also a sprawling club for late-night adventures.

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