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En Rama is a warm, cozy eatery serving homestyle Italian grub alongside cocktails & wine in wood-clad environs. Fantastic date night spot. They have house-made pasta, burgers, & small plates: fancy cocktails, weird wine, and lots of sherry. We enjoyed the greatest mussels we’d ever had. The polenta was delicious. The service crew was highly trained, kind, and knowledgeable. We wish we could live in Tacoma! The patio seating is an excellent combination of sheltered and open air, and the cuisine (plenty of vegan alternatives) is to die for (minus one drawback). The pickled cucumber and house-made focaccia were delicious. The service is attentive and enjoyable. The one primary concern (at least for us) was that we didn’t complete our dinner and inquired about the “to go” container. 

We were assured it was biodegradable paper. We wanted to utilize as little plastic as possible. Thus we got the container. It was not only not paper, but it was also not biodegradable. It was little more than a clamshell made of plastic. The firm “Earth Choice” does sell biodegradable things, but this is not one of them, and recycling is a bit of a myth around here. So, knowing what we’re receiving next time would be helpful since we would have skipped the side of the plastic. Incredible. It’s worth a shot. That clam sauce recipe sounds terrific. My only complaint was that the chicken and dumplings were a little too salty or acidic, and there was a bone in a mouthful that I wasn’t anticipating. Not the worst thing to come upon. Such a delicious, delightful meal. I enjoyed their version of gin and juice, one of my favorite things. 

There are many appealing-sounding cocktails, and I look forward to returning to them. We enjoyed the creamy and rich pimento cheese with thick, toasty bread to pull apart and slather. Hot, spicy pickles – the pickled vegetables were a lovely surprise – grapes (!), celery shards, or was that fennel? Radishes, not too sour and perfectly Caliente. We also shared the mussels with slab bacon lardons in a luscious lemony sauce. I had a lovely, nutty sherry with that, suggested by the bartender (a charming guy who did not mention his name and appeared to be doing the work of three people). This place is fantastic. The food is high level, but it’s comfortable and easy. The staff is charming and friendly, and the drinks are perfect. It’s everything I love about Tacoma.

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