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ESP Hifi Bar Denver, Guide & Review


A music lover’s dream, ESP Hifi is a bar where you will find the host spinning vinyl records. ESP is one of the handful of listening bars in the country, an experience in itself. Sip on some natural wines as shaken drinks would disrupt the music. A step inside, and you go, wow! The smell, the music, and the laid-back and relaxed vibe all are a perfect blend. Foster and Minter, the owners, visited around 40 such bars all around the country to find their niche and what they wanted in their own space. The music ranges from soul, boogie, funk, jazz, and other electronic genres that reflect the owner’s taste and appreciation for deeper cuts. The space resembles those of its kind in Japan but has a personal spin. The energy shifts day to night as coffee gets swapped with gin, tequila, and others you prefer. You will not hear any of the modern-day pop-rock music there. The owners keep their records in mint condition so that your listening experience is one of a kind. Now they are expanding by having more DJs come and play their tracks throughout the day.

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