Fairytrail, A Simple Review

This is one of those dating apps which target a unique group of people. This app is made for travellers, nomads or remote workers. Fairytrail, lets you choose people of the same mindset as you, people who would not think twice about leaving a place and starting anew somewhere else. 

Either for monetary reasons or leisure reasons, travelling can affect your dating life, social life. It’s difficult to associate with a specific place and socialize because you have to move on. 

This app lets you choose a partner who is equally committed to move from place to place with you and accept this way of life. You can sign up using your Gmail or Facebook accounts. Upon setting your profile, you are required to answer a few questions. 

Unlike those regular boring questionnaires, this app asks you deep and personalized questions to better understand you. Once you’ve gone through this process, you are to upload three pictures, one full-body picture. 

One of the defining features of the setting up process is choosing a fairy tale character that symbolizes your personality. Some of them are adventurous. Some are outgoing etc. That character is assigned to you. 

Hence when you are using the app, people can have a better idea of your personality. There are a few cons to using this website, as you are not allowed to text someone without paying an entrance fee. 

Moreover, the app focuses heavily on pictures and is more appearance-based. Last but not least, the dating pool is limited as this is a relatively new app, so matching might take some time.

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