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False Idol San Diego, Guide & Review

If you’re around Downtown San Diego, check out False Idol. False Idol is a trendy bar located within Craft & Commerce, serving strong drinks in tropical surroundings. False Idol opened in early September 2016 in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. It’s jointly owned by Martin Cate of Smuggler’s Cove and Consortium Holdings. Super trendy and cosy speakeasy. You have to go inside the restaurant to access the bar. The menu has soooo many choices with all the classics and the FI takes on them with a little twist. If you find yourself in SD, you have to stop in for some drinks.

Hidden in plain sight, a setup through an unassuming secret entrance within Craft & Commerce transports guests to False Idols faux tropical paradise complete with traditional Polynesian elements of fire & ice (Including an indoor waterfall and flaming volcano). False Idol bar features great strong drinks – extensive detailed drink menu with premium ingredients, amazing atmosphere, interesting music, friendly crowd, immaculate vibes, great decorations, chic decor like a theme park, spot on ambiance, lit glass floats crusted ceiling, lots of umbrellas, and super friendly staff & bartenders. False Idol bar is an amazing spot to host birthday parties and other special events. 

What an awesome spot to get together with friends, go on a date, or whatever occasion might be. False Idol is definitely an awesome experience! Highly recommended! One of those places which makes you feel good just walking in and even better after you leave. Definitely worth it! Everything at False Idol bar is authentic! Casual, laid-back, and fun!

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