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Far East Descendant Philadelphia, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for a new place to be regular look no further than Far East Descendant Rooftop bar in Philadelphia. Far East Descendant is a modern cantonese restaurant in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood. The restaurant, on two levels,  has plenty of highly polished wood and candles,  a roof deck with city views,  and an inventive menu of cantonese-inspired bites and drinks. The spot features a one of a kind menu deeply rooted in authentic cantonese flavors and cultural tie-ins,  the menu will consist of small plates. The hidden gem in Chinatown that has the best vegetarian food in the city. The outdoor roof bar shows an impressive view of the Vine Street Expressway and the awesome murals that surround the building. 

They feature a unique cocktail menu with creative uses of Cantonese ingredients,  fresh & amazing food,  unique tasty drinks that are reasonably priced, amazing sexy hip atmosphere,  stylish interior,  creative cuisine,  amazing vibes,  great dessert, a range of delicious & creative cocktails – making it a fun date spot,  ample & secure parking space, awesome outdoor & indoor dining,  scenic views, and chic decor. They have a very laid-back space and they have a beautiful outdoor balcony on the second floor. The staff are pleasant and a joy to interact with. Bonus – there’s a great rooftop bar and mural on the side. 

What a unique and refreshing twist of traditional Cantonese favorites. Shrinking fusion while embracing modernity,  the menu enhances the striking aesthetics. Do yourself a favour and go. Here there is genuinely the best Philly food, scenic views from rooftop and drinks experience. It’s a great place to check out for your holiday events. It’s perfect for locals and visitors alike.

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