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Faust Tavern San Antonio, Guide & Review

Faust Tavern is the coolest dive bar in town. Faust Tavern is a funky neighborhood watering hole known for beer, mixed drinks, and casual Southern fare. Along San Antonio’s St. Mary’s Strip neighborhood, Faust Tavern sits a few feet off the main road, a bit of dive bar seclusion cemented by wrought iron gates that don’t open until the bar does. San Antonio dive bar Faust Tavern demonstrates a deep appreciation for decor that feels a little occult and a lot metal band-adjacent, the dark, intimate vibe inside is complemented by a picnic table-laden patio supported by a window serving late night pizza.

Faust Tavern features a relaxed atmosphere, amazing outside patio, good selection of craft beers, great strong & tasty drinks, good selection of craft beers, great vibe, delicious cocktails, awesome shot specials, and friendly and attentive bartenders. 

It’s a great place to hang out with friends and meet new ones. Definitely your go-to.

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