Filter Off, A Simple Review

Filter off is one of the more popular dating apps. This is essentially a speed video dating app. The video dating aspect removes the threat of getting catfished, so you can be sure that whoever meet on the app is the same in real life as well. 

Filter off has been responsible for a couple of marriages in the pandemic, which is a testimonial to how good this app is. When you are signing up on the app, it asks you for your phone number, email, sexual orientation and other stuff before making your profile. 

After that you add in your pictures and write your intro. The interesting thing to note is that your picture won’t be shown until the date, only the bio will be visible. This means that this app focuses less on appearances and more on your personality. 

After this, you will find a section on the app which showcases different themed events, for divorcees or people with pets. Here you will answer some more questions from the app matchmaker so that it can pair you a bit better. 

After all of this, you will be matched with 3 to 4 people daily on an average. You will have an option to sign up for a video date of 90 seconds or pass. Video dates are more interactive, fun and give a better insight of how people are in their daily lives. 

If your video date went well, you have the option to continue texting or video chatting. There are certain flaws within the app as well, there is no check and balance on people who stood you up on the dates and it can happen quite frequently. However, it’s not a big deal since you will be getting 3 to 4 matches per day!

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