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Filthy McNasty’s is a quirky basement bar with bare bricks and mannequins, offering hot dogs and pizza, plus live music. It’s difficult to find a pub as unique as Filthy McNasty’s, where mannequins double as lights and old vinyl covers the walls. When it comes to refreshments, this restaurant will feed you with Italian pizza and a variety of specialty cocktails. Filthy McNasty’s is located in The Filthy Quarter, along with Filthy Chic, The Gypsy Lounge, and The Secret Garden. Mannequin lamps, antique records, and red candles light the way in this unusual space. There’s real pizza to satisfy your hunger. What about drinks? Soak up a variety of beers, including artisan cans and Guinness, as well as Red Stripe and Corona. Live music is provided by local performers beginning at 10 p.m. each night.

While the celebration continues on the terrace. I went there last Wednesday following the Super Cup Final, and it was quite packed. There were a lot of football enthusiasts, but there were also a lot of locals appreciating the singer, who was capable of singing many well-known songs in his own manner, and they were all warmly welcomed. The bartenders were working really hard, but it didn’t stop them from being exceedingly nice and helpful. We were seated near the bar, which aided in the timeliness of service. It was a pleasant way to end the evening. This restaurant rocks, with a terrific atmosphere and live music that has finally returned. Tonight we went to Filthy’s and were pleased to discover that they had live music, a first in a long time. The singer was fantastic, with a large repertoire and the ability to segue from one song to the next. 

The music seldom stopped during his 2.5-hour stint. He performed so many songs in his own unique way that appealed to a wide range of preferences. Very crowded and predictably sluggish owing to Covid limits. A visit is strongly recommended. Andrew served us on our first night and was such a delight. We had an exciting time when we returned the next night! He provided us with so many wonderful drink ideas and things to do around the town. Unfortunately, he was not available on the second night. Therefore the service was significantly slower. Nonetheless, wonderful energy and music. Last Saturday, we had a large party for the balcony area, and it was amazing.

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