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Fire Slice Pizzeria Bar Amarillo , Guide & Review

In the mood for some cheesy, comforting pizza? Run to Fire Slice pizzeria. You will inhale their hand-tossed pizzas. Since 2009, this place has been serving these along with beer, wine, and other detectable items on the menu. They have a unique process for making their dough and even make their sausages, pesto, and more in-house. Other ingredients are sourced from local farmers, including artisanal cheeses and meat cuts.
It is open from Tuesday to Sunday. You can hire them or cater to your event. No matter how finicky the eater is, they will have a way to cater to everyone. They have gluten-free cauliflower and no crust options available as well. They also have some cheesy, gooey pasta like lasagna and tortellini. Some with pesto and goat cheese and fresh herbs. Sounds amazing! They have a delicious beer section with domestic, imported, and one-of-a-kind beers. There are about ten sections, so the choice might not be easy. Their unique wines are also paired perfectly with a slice of pizza. There are also many non-alcoholic drinks available here.
Often they have weekly special events that they host here at the restaurant, along with living performances. The local talent and those passing by create a fun night scene at Fire Slice Pizzeria. The team is dedicated to giving back to the community, and they choose a different organization each month to donate a part of their sales too. They choose an item off their menu, and they donate $1 to the organization each time it is sold.
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