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Firehouse Lounge is a modern hostel and craft cocktail bar in Firehouse circa 1885. Behind the lobby and the sliding bookshelves is a red  Firehouse Lounge with a well-named name. The bar is located on the ground floor of  Firehouse Hostel, a European-style inn at the city’s oldest extant fire station (a building built in 1885). Here you can find classic craft cocktails such as old-fashioned Aperol Spritz and Brimstone. This is a traditional gold rush with a twist of herbs. What is our favorite part about this place? The crowds are always friendly, and the Speakeasy atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve found one of Austin’s finest gems. 

This historic building (Austin’s oldest surviving fire station, built around 1885) is partly a craft cocktail bar and partly an inn. The Old World charm of the lounge, red walls, and bare wood set the stage for live music from jazz to blues to rock and roll. As you might expect from a bar that shares a property with a hostel, the crowd here is mixed, youthful, and international. So it’s a great way to feel like you’re traveling without leaving Austin (or meet other travelers if you’re in that group). Cosmopolitan bartenders at the Firehouse Lounge make cocktails from around the world and divide the menu into classic and seasonal drinks. 

The works of the house are boldly named, such as gin, lemon, grapefruit, Amaromeretti, and zack saffron made with saffron bitters. Carnitas tacos, sliders, and cheese boards are the staple fuels of the night in the city. The bartenders here are surprisingly familiar, given the young demographics. They also change the cocktail to your liking—a youthful place to meet strangers worldwide, starting at night and listening to live music. The cozy and elegant interior of the Firehouse Lounge exudes Old World charm. Leather seats are perfect for leaning forward and relaxing. Enjoy eclectic live music with Austin’s finest jazz and blues musicians, rock and roll, and DJs. Anyone can use the lounge, which is ideal for groups and solo travelers. Native Austin Night? You will be impressed with your knowledge of local breweries and small distilleries and your commitment to local ingredients.

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