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Fitz’s Bar is a chic bar at a posh hotel, including stained glass windows & plush décor with a contemporary twist. Named after Charles Fitzroy Doll, the Bar at Kimpton Fitzroy London comes into its own at night. Fitz’s has a timeless glamor and an air of illicit pleasure, whether guests catch up on gossip, mix with movers and shakers, or let their hair down into the small hours. Fitz’s is a real gem in London’s drinking scene, offering a slice of vintage luxury. Escape normality and step inside a luxurious haunt that celebrates Bloomsbury’s past and present free spirits with its eclectic cocktail menu of high-end delights. Fitz’s Bar is a great place to get away from it all. Fitz’s Russell Square is a glitzy drinking establishment housed in the magnificent Grade II listed Kimpton Fitzroy London. 

Inside, guests sip drinks while admiring a famous Jazz Age mirrorball and genuine 18th-century stained-glass windows. Fitz’s oozes extravagance with sparkling Ostrich feathers, Victorian curiosities, crocodile-skin decor, a blazing fireplace, and a shimmering, gigantic mirrorball. Inside, you may sample our delectable selection of creative drinks inspired by the ‘Theory of Color.’ Join us every evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. as we travel through the looking glass to explore a world of colors, tints, and shades, their influence on the mind, our senses, culture, and, of course, our drinks. We’re not trying to scare you, but Fitz’s has a disco ball. And it’s a huge one, my friends. This cocktail club is located within the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel in Bloomsbury and has soft pink sofas, long feathers, an open fireplace, and a massive, gold backlit bar. 

It’s where you can imagine a tipsy Greta Garbo in the back corner chatting to someone handsome while sipping on their superb specialty drink, The Spy Princess. Remember that the drinks here are around the £15 mark, so your bill will rapidly add up. If Rick James and Jay Gatsby got together to throw a bash, I reckon it would look like Fitz’s Bar. Jazz Age plumage fluffs up from behind chairs while a giant glitter ball hangs from above; the back bar’s arches hint at art deco elegance while bright modern art punctuates the walls, and music drifts from up-tempo funk to mellow jazz. Fitz’s sits inside the Kimpton Fitzroy London, on the corner of Russell Square. This is one of the best bars in London!

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