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Flask and Cannon’s tiki bar charm fits right in with its location beside Jacksonville Beach. With ample oceanfront parking right across the street, beachgoers can stop by for expertly crafted cocktails adorned with orchids or served in pineapples, coconuts, and tiki mugs. Flask and Cannon have an all-day Happy Hour on Sundays and from 3 to 7 pm the rest of the week. If you’re going out as a group, order their Flaming Scorpion Bowl! It serves a minimum of four people, and with flavors like lime, grapefruit, pineapple, honey, and passion fruit—it’s a tropical dream. If you have spent the day at one of Jacksonville‘s many beaches or islands, stop by Flask and Cannon for a traditional cocktail with a seaside ambiance. 

The cocktails are presented with a tiki flair, such as flowers, drinks served with coconuts and pineapples, and waiters dressed in Hawaiian shirts. Flask & Cannon is a V Pizza location where you may have a bite to eat and a beverage with a laid-back ambiance. Visit one of the several tables with wood-paneled walls. On Tuesdays at 7:30 pm, they organize a trivia session so that you can spend a fun weekday evening at one of Jacksonville’s beach bars. If you’re going to the beach and want to try something different, stop by Flask & Cannon for unusual drinks with a vintage touch. 

Sidecar’s beachside sibling offers over 80 types of rum to delight the palette. Taking a break from today’s excessively sugary rum beverages, Flask & Cannon returns to the original Tiki style with well-balanced and sophisticated mixtures. Flask & Cannon has all the elegance without the stuffiness. When you visit this welcoming bar dishing up some serious cocktails at pricing that won’t break the bank, it’s all about the beach atmosphere, sunlight, and fun. Flask & Cannon is recommended for Best Nightlife because it brings back the historic Tiki Bar while fulfilling the thirsts of a contemporary population. Our expert tip: Flask & Cannon is housed in the same building as V Pizza, ensuring that your hunger is as well satisfied as your thirst.

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