Flirt, A Simple Review

Are you tired of heading over to sleazy bars and spending the rest of the night avoiding eye contact with creepy singles? Or maybe your friends are just tired of playing wingman for you. The truth is that conventional methods of dating have become, well, outdated. No one goes to bars anymore, at least not to find a date. 

Turning to online dating websites is not new. But, many dating websites don’t cut. Flirt is one of the most popular dating websites that help you meet like-minded individuals. It is easy to use, offers effortless navigation, and is entirely safe and secure. understands that maintaining your privacy and safety is paramount. They ensure this by taking adequate measures to protect your privacy. 

So, if you’re ready to take the next step and get flirty, then this is the dating website for you! 

Why Should You Choose It?

As the name suggests, Flirt is a place where you can- as you guessed it, Flirt! This online dating website has been created for those singles who aren’t particularly seeking a long-term commitment, a serious relationship, or anything more than just casual dating. And yes, there’s no shame in that! There are millions of other singles seeking the very same thing you are looking for!

The dating website was founded in 2009 and very quickly gained popularity and a massive database. This is because users soon realized that this website is safe, reliable, and allows them to be themselves unabashed. 

Moreover, if you were looking for a dating website that will help you meet up with single locals around you, gives you just that. No boring mindless swiping left and right on your phone. With Flirt, you can find singles who match your personality, looks, preferences, and best of all- stay close to you.

What Is Its Unique Selling Point?

Although it was designed to be an online dating tool, Flirt works more like a social media website. Here, you can build your profile, make friends, and chat with them effortlessly. Furthermore, you can share your photos and videos with your community on Flirt to make better connections. 

The Like Gallery works a little bit like Tinder, where you swipe through a user’s photos and ‘like’ them, letting them know of your presence and interest. 

However, a fascinating aspect of Flirt is its chat rooms. I could spend hours and hours striking up conversations with interesting people and finding out more about them. Whether or not that leads to date doesn’t even matter. The experience of the chat room is whole in itself and inspiring experience at that!

How Much Does It Cost?

As with most other online dating websites, Flirt offers free registration and a premium subscription account. Here is a breakdown of the subscription that you need to know about: 

If you want to look around the website without investing too much money right up front, consider opting for a 3-day trial account. This will cost you $2.97. 

But, for a one-month subscription, it will cost you $27.30.

For 90 days, it will cost you $45.90.

Finally, for a 180-day subscription, you will have to pay $73.60.

It’s worth mentioning that although you can enjoy the free account, you cannot communicate with other members or potential interests with your free account. However, given its super affordable rates, opting for a subscription is worth a shot.

Making a Profile 

Unlike other online dating websites, Flirt does not make you fill in a lengthy, tedious questionnaire. Compared to other websites, the sign-up and registration process is quite simple.

Click on the login page, fill in all your information, choose your gender, and who you are looking for, and you’re done!

As a new user, you will be eligible for a set of free features such as viewing the profile of other clients, sending winks, etc. However, you won’t be able to send messages until you buy a subscription. The longer your subscription time, the more affordable it gets. 

Another unique aspect of Flirt is that you can choose to skip the personalization process entirely. But, keep in mind that this will also affect the quality of your search results. If you want to find the right kind of potential love interests, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes filling out the required information. 

Matching With Someone 

On Flirt, you can match with someone in two ways. 

  1. Meet someone through a chat room

Choose a chat room in your city, state, or country, or if you’d prefer, then an international chat room. Pick your mood, enter a room, and start chatting! With over a million users on Flirt, you are sure to find someone who you fancy. 

  1. The Search Engine

The search engine will provide you with a hand-picked database of users who match your profile and interests. This is where the Flirt algorithms do their magic. It is effortless to scroll through the various profiles, go through pictures, like someone, and start a conversation. 

While these are the two primary ways you can match with someone on Flirt, there is another thing I would like to add. You can also choose an advanced filter, which will match you up with potential love interests according to hobbies, interests, sexual orientation, religion, appearance, and habits. 


  1. Minimalistic website layout- easy to navigate even for beginners
  2. A 3-day trial period at minimal rates
  3. Very affordable subscription
  4. The abundance of chat rooms 
  5. LGBTQ inclusive 
  6. Only paid members can send you messages, eliminating random creepy messages landing up in your inbox 
  7. Personality Checker which verifies every profile on Flirt
  8. Detailed view of members profiles 
  9. No annoying ads and banners on the website


  1. The free account does not allow you to send messages
  2. Numerous chat rooms can get overwhelming or confusing for some 
  3. No personalized matches are sent directly to your account
  4. No mobile app version available 

Final Verdict

Flirt is a no-nonsense, no-fluff online dating website that is great for those looking for something casual. The sheer amount of options when it comes to personalizing your dating profile is excellent, especially if you are slightly picky about the kind of people you want to spend your weekend with. 

It’s excellent that Flirt has gotten on board with the 2020 requirements and become LGBTQ inclusive- which is a must in this century. So if you are looking to chat with someone, find a few quick dates, or enjoy some company, Flirt is a great online dating tool for you.

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