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Flying Squirrel Bar Chattanooga , Guide & Review


We all love to go to bars and enjoy ourselves; therefore, we keep exploring different options available in our city. Similarly, Chattanooga also has excellent bars, and one is better than the other; however, if you want to up your game, and experience the best amenities that Chattanooga bars have to offer, then you better go for bars like Flying Squirrel. When it comes to the interior of Flying Squirrel, it is fantastic. The lights are hanging from the ceiling, and the glass panels on the whole wall allow you to enjoy the view from outside. Not only is this glass work commendable, but the woodwork in the form of the frame of a boat hanging from the ceiling in an upside-down fashion. The serenity in the ambiance of this bar, coupled with the friendly and excellent staff treatment, makes people come here over and over.

When it comes to the drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, Flying Squirrel is demonstrating its A-game. This is why the people of Chattanooga love the cocktails and booze of this place. The menu, too, does not fail to impress the customers; no matter what their preferences might be, they leave this place as satisfied customers. In this way, the food and drinks of this bar are loved by the customers due to their excellent taste and exceptional quality.

Flying Squirrel is also loved by the people of Chattanooga due to its inclusive treatment. People choose to visit this bar because they know that the customer service here is off the charts regardless of their sexuality. No matter what your sexuality is, you are most welcome to come and enjoy Flying Squirrel because it is LGBTQ+. In order to spare some time for yourself from the hustle and bustle of the contemporary lifestyle, Flying Squirrel is one of the best spots.

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