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For The Record San Francisco, Guide & Review

The Record Bar is an entertainment complex whose mission is to provide an atmosphere that fosters fun, friendship, and community for all ages. Located on the corner of 18th and Burlington, our entertainment complex includes a fast casual dining restaurant, 8 pickleball courts (4 indoor and 4 outdoor), a bar and entertainment space, food trucks, outdoor lawn games like ping pong and Jenga and a living room with fire pits and TV screens for you and your friends to catch your favorite game.

For Record Bar was born in a strip mall in Kansas City in August of 2005. 15+ years later and in a new location, recordBar has hosted thousands of local, regional, national, and international bands, weddings, retirement parties, celebrations of life, charity events, and community fundraisers. It has become a second home, a church even, to music fans. It is respected and lauded by musicians and fans the world over. It’s where you go to see live music up-close and personal in Kansas City.

The Record Bar  has  helped  foster a community for local musicians and fans. Allowing artists to get their start on a professional stage and bringing in touring groups from all over the musical spectrum. The Record Bar has  been one of  the key places for most people to get to know the Kansas city music scene. The VIbrance, purity and inspiration it offers. This is where decades long friendships have been  created. You just walk  in and smile. No matter what  kind of a  day you have had before entry. Their culture imperative to our community is to give back, with many philanthropic events and service-oriented endeavors to strengthen our neighborhood and beyond.Highly recommended.

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