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Foreign Cinema San Francisco, Guide & Review

You know Foreign Cinema – the fine-dining spot in the Mission that’s been open since 1999. It’s remarkable because most restaurants in San Francisco are lucky if they stay open through the year end, let alone stay busy after so many years. The reason they’re still around and always packed is simple: the incredible patio and brunch, and the relaxed atmosphere make Foreign Cinema one of the most unmissable experiences in the city. Whether you come for brunch or dinner, the inviting scene at Foreign Cinema will make you want to order another cocktail or dessert just to stay in this incredible space a little bit longer. 

To get to Foreign Cinema, you’ve to enter Mission Street and walk down the hallway on the red carpet. After getting in, you’re greeted by high, white walls and covered in twinkling lights. It’s an otherworldly place that makes you feel like you left San Francisco behind and stumbled on a secret cocktail party, where everything makes you feel at ease. 

Foreign Cinema features absolutely fantastic service, great atmosphere – great place for conversation, fantastic delicious food, friendly, engaging and attentive staff, excellent ambiance – nice outside ambiance in the courtyard with red string lights, a big outdoor area dining area looking up, glass roof which reflects hanging patio lighting adding festivity of atmosphere, amazing wine selection – featuring a majority of French Wines of good quality and varying price range, along with balanced representations from other international wine regions, amazing outdoor covered area, a beautiful & unique setting, scenic views, state-of-art lighting and sound system, plenty of heaters to keep you warm,  a wide list of drinks that are reasonably priced,  great brunch, great chic decor, and a great vibe. Not a single thing here is out of place. During the day, sun floods the patio and makes it a perfectly bright, airly space.

It’s a very good date night spot in San Francisco. What a classy experience here. Highly recommended spot for an amazing experience in San Francisco.

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