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Located on 213 Fayetteville St, Foundation is the definition of a speakeasy bar. Built in the basement, this bar’s dark and private setting gives a soothing and calm feeling as soon as you enter. Used to the city’s typical rush, noise, and lights, this place gives you a break from all of that. Classic exposed brick wall design throughout the place, shelf for the bottles and glasses behind the bar, and seating for a decent-sized crowd; this is the place to blow off some steam after work or touring the city.
The bartenders of Foundation are known for making an absolute perfect Old Fashioned, and not only that but cocktails such as the ‘Fleming Remedy,’ ‘Sanctuary Hills,’ ‘Blouse Brigade’ and many more using all types of spirits like rum, whiskey, and gin with pineapples, honey, coconut, lime, and blackberries to add that extra touch needed to lift the flavor. They also serve all of these spirits separately and quite a variety of each, in case you enjoy the taste of the spirit alone. The place is also known for its quality coffee and tea, so you can have it before starting your day off. If you’re feeling like eating something before having your drink, they also have you covered, offering ramen, Sandos, and fried chicken.
Grab a seat at the Foundation whenever you’re in the mood for something light to start the day, have a meal, or want to end the day with something sweet or even strong. The variety of drinks they have will not disappoint, and the ambiance of this place certainly won’t.

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