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On weekends, Funky Buddha brewery provides tours; this massive artisan brewery has a no-frills taproom with games. This newly opened hotspot is located north of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and complements the city of Oakland Park, which is just off Dixie Highway and NE 38th Street (Park Lane East). The Funky Buddha Brewery & Lounge opened in Boca Raton, Florida, in 2010 and quickly became recognized for its devotion to making robust craft beers that combine culinary-inspired ingredients with a time-honored method, delivering beers with prominent, robust flavors crafted precisely with natural ingredients. They still brew here, where they keep their test kitchen for their most experimental beers. We recommend this pub since it has a large following among beer enthusiasts who prefer to get the party started early. There is lots of free parking across the street, according to locals! 

We manufacture beers that provide an experience, from conventional types to experimental ales. The beer reminds us to be creative, to be unique, and to keep things Funky constantly. Funky Buddha began in a modest brewery in Boca Raton, built on enthusiastic people and dubious Craigslist advertising. They were sick of the usual beer selections. So they took matters into their own hands, brewing unconventional-yet-exceptional beers and challenging social norms. Beyond the simulation, they’re all about creating one-of-a-kind libations. They have Floridian, a German-style wheat beer that reflects the splendor of a golden Florida sunset – and all the quirky folks that call Florida home. Or No Crusts, their peanut butter and jelly brown ale will bring you back to your elementary school days. 

And don’t miss their Gold Medal-winning Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, a memorable diner-style breakfast in a glass evocative of the ideal morning meal. They feel that a brewery is more than just a place to drink beer; it is also a gathering spot for families and friends. As a family-owned firm founded by the Sentz family, aiding families and their children is central to their corporate principles. They are proud to be eccentric! They want to appreciate diversity because that makes us stronger as a community. They are adamant about supporting initiatives that promote an equal and equitable existence for all.

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