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Gagopa Karaoke New York, Guide & Review

BYOB is a rarity in New York, but it’s an especially desirable option in a karaoke bar, which has helped develop the cult audience for Gagopa in Koreatown. For those who don’t plan ahead, there’s also a beer and wine menu. The focus here is on the entertainment, with only private rooms accessed by a hallway lit up like a Christmas tree. The nearby 32 Karaoke from the same owners is often less crowded.

The Koreatown strip on 32rd Street between 5th & 6th Avenues is like something out of Seoul. Here, numerous storefronts advertise tasty Korean cuisine on chalkboards flanking the narrow street and the razor-sharp scent of kimchi wafts in the air 24/7. But K-Town wouldn’t be complete without a few karaoke spots to sing your heart out. One such place is Gagopa Karaoke on the south side of 32nd Street. With a flexible BYO (“Bring Your Own”) option, Gagopa makes you feel right at home. So grab a cordless mic and order some grub on the Seamless app. You can get it delivered here as long as you keep queuing songs on the karaoke machine.

As some true locals are quick to point out, you can bring as much beer, wine, or champagne as you want.  However, they do not allow BYO “hard alcohol.”

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