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Gallery Rooftop Lounge Bar Dallas , Guide & Review

Formerly the SODA Roof Bar from the 2019 Rooftop Lounge Gallery, perched on a renovated and stylish hotel, Boutique Canvas Hotel Dallas. It is located in the Cedars area, South of the city of Dallas.

From the 6th floor library, you will probably find the best views of the whole of Dallas, with amazing views of the city sky and more around you.

The most impressive feature here is the infinity pool on a hot and humid roof. It is usually only available to guests staying in a hotel, but occasionally there are also popular rooftop swimming parties. And besides, this Gallery Bar rooftop is open to everyone to enjoy a sunset drink or a full weekend night out.

The bar on the roof of the gallery is festive and chic and comes with an elegant and modern interior, both on the terrace and in the indoor lounge.

Enjoy refreshing and inspiring cocktails, homemade and imported beers, bubbles, Ice Wine pops, and a few bites to share. Excellent pool-lounge menu and the only downside is that the poolside also means plastic cups.

Visit during the day to get the lounge vibe of the most relaxed, while the weekend nights are full and crowded. And keep an eye on the brunch on the Sunday roof, which is always available.

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