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Garage Bar is an unassuming bar crafting inventive cocktails in a hip, mid-century-inspired space in a parking garage. Garage exists in Austin’s hidden bars category—you’ll find this small joint tucked within a parking garage on Colorado Street between 5th and 6th. The raw concrete interior, with soaring ceilings and structural columns, is lit only by candles and the glow of a circular bar. Without forgetting its locale, the menu is organized with clever car terms (an ‘unleaded’ section features non-alcoholic drinks, for example) and runs the gamut with classics and signature cocktails. 

For a light option, try the herbal Indian Paintbrush (made with vodka, grapefruit juice, lime, and rosemary), or for something a little more brooding, the Penicillin (made with earl gray scotch, lemon, ginger, and honey). The Garage Bar is now open Monday through Saturday at 5 pm. Walk-ins are welcome. So, this venue is such a cool place! This bar will be above and beyond your thoughts and expectations if you can visit it! It has a great vibe, and all the staff is very professional and knowledgeable. The menu has many great different cocktails that your group will love! Everyone can get something different, and everyone’s drinks will be outstanding. So, this is such a fantastic gem in downtown Austin! This place will not disappoint! 

Suitable for pre-dinner happy hour or after-dinner cocktails. I did not see much in terms of appetizers. Go there for dinner and cocktails. The vibes are just immaculate. The Garage has a fantastic atmosphere! So, it is small, intimate, and dimly lit. You can go there with a friend around 5 pm when it opens so you can grab a seat without a reservation. Their drinks are always fantastic. We recommend getting the Jailbird and the Penicillin. These both are very tasty. They’re pricey, but you can tell a lot of thought and intention goes into every drink. It would help if you also tried the Japanese whiskey-based drink that is well-balanced and delicious. It’s very dark inside and hard to hear, so it’s possibly just an excellent spot for a drink on a date or nightcap.

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